António Barroso Malhas


The Jersey Fabric Finisher

ABM – António Barroso Malhas is a textile company specialised in bringing sustainable dyeing and finishing strategies to the forefront. Whatever the requirements of a fabric, ABM is equipped to offer high-grade treatment and care to our customers orders and products.

Through many decades of experience and a team of experts in many different departments of the textile field, we are able to provide custom results with notable accuracy and in efficient time frames.


Starting in 1982 as Barroso Machado, this initial model for the future ABM started only as a weaving producer, but quickly acquired its own textile dye-house which would soon become the company’s focal point until the present day.

Later in 1994, António Barroso Malhas was born as a reconfiguration of the founding company, proving its own growth in the industry. 

Ever since the beginning, our company has proven to be a staple and a reference in the area. We have a vertical profile, capable of creating, developing and producing any kind of circular knit fabrics and woven bases, whilst having a skilled Design Department that works in close contact with our customers in order to offer custom made collections.